Monday, August 15, 2011

A special treat for you...

     After I had gone out to lunch with my dad today.  We sat down to look at my camera, to see why some of my photos are so blurry.  Well, come to find out there is a button that you can turn on called "macro".  So we turned it on and now my pictures are so much clearer and better.  Thanks dad!

     Yesterday, during the wonderful rainy day we had, I was working on designing for an upcoming party for my friend Patti.  She decided she would like to have her guests make something 3-D and a card.   I got to work right away on the paper flying around my studio and the cricut machine making its wonderful buzzing noise.  Such a great day!  Thanks Patti!

      This is the project I designed for her party. We will be making both the card and the pillow box with the rose.  I used the new "Cricut Art Philosophy" cartridge, grey wool and sunset cardstock, Mischief paperpack, Wicked and All Hallows Eve stamp sets, and the ink is black, grey wool, grey flannel, and barn red, and with a little bit of glitz on the witch's shoes for that added sparle. 

What do you think of this project?  When you book a home gathering with me, we work together to plan your project.  So you get what you want and what your friends like to make.  Call or email me to schedule your next party!!!!!


  1. I LOVE THEM!!! The ladies will have fun with these!!! Thanks!!

  2. You are a creative genius! And thanks for the tip about the Macro setting on the camera. I didn't know what that option meant on mine, but I'll try it out! :)