Saturday, June 30, 2012

Florentine layout

   How about a "Hot" layout using Close to My Heart's Florentine paper?  These two layouts were designed by a fellow consultant and friend, Sarah.  Sarah taught 61 consultants at consultant camp how to put these 2 gorgeous layouts.  She recommended for us to ink (edge) all of the parts with brown bag ink.   I thought she was nuts at first, because I don't normally ink (edge) in brown bag, I use desert sand or chocolate.  Once I started using the brown bag to ink the edges, I thought this is lovely and gave it a beautiful antique look.  The layouts use the Florentine my stickease, timeless charms, chocolate pearls, and 2 flip flaps.

   What do you think of these layouts?  Let me know your thoughts, please.

I would love to show you how to put these layouts together.  Call or email me to set up your gathering.

hugs, Holly

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

More Stamping Techniques

   I promised you more stamping techniques from consultant camp.  Sorry I didn't post earlier today...mega busy.  The techniques are super fun and I would love to show you how to do them.  Call or email me so we can set up a gathering.

These are great...let me show you how!!!
hugs, Holly

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Stamping Techniques

  While I was at consultant camp, the awesome team of consultants that hosted the weekend, taught us some fantastic stamping techniques.  There were 15 techniques we learned.  These were so much fun to learn.  If you would like me to teach you how to do some of them, please call or email me.

  Stay tuned to tomorrow...I am only going to share half of them today and half tomorrow.  I took photos of the instructions and a 3x3 sample of the technique.  After we were done, each of the techniques were put on a ring.

Again these were super fun to make and I would love to share them with you.

hugs, Holly

Monday, June 25, 2012

July Classes!!!!!!

The finishing touches have been placed on the July Biggby classes.  I love these classes and the ladies are wonderful and our location is fabulous.  I can't ask for anything more...

Maybe I could ask for you to join us for class.  If you haven't joined us for class yet or if it has been awhile since you have come, please come and have some fun with us.  I would love to see you!!!!!!!

Card Class will be on July 5, at 6:30pm

Scrapbook Class will be on July 19, at 6:30pm

basic kit

bling kit

So what do you think of the classes for July.  I will be working on August's classes this week.  Stay tuned for a peek of them.  Plan to come to class in July!!!

hugs, Holly

Sunday, June 24, 2012

More projects from consultant camp

    I thought today I would share with you the beautiful artwork that was designed by my dear friend Victoria.  She designed the projects we did with Pemberley.  First we started with the Pemberley workshop on the go layout.  Then we moved into making a beautiful card box and 8 cards.  Finally we made a mini album with pockets and tags.  Victoria did an outstanding job with these fantastic artwork!!!!!

   If you are interested in any of the following artwork please call or email me and we can arrange a workshop for you and your friends.

*Warning lots of photos to follow!!!!!!!!

Let me know what you think of these workshops!

hugs, Holly

Friday, June 22, 2012

Stephanie's Jumpstart Art

  Tonight was Stephanie's jumpstart party.  She needed a little bit more in sales to meet her second level of Straight to the Top.  After working very hard on her first three months she accomplished her goal and made the second level.  I am very proud of her and her success!!!!!

   Stephanie created 2 fun and outstanding cards to make with her guests.  They both contain Cricut components from the Art Philosophy cartridge.

Card #1 uses Superhero paper and American Celebration stamp set

Card #2 uses Footloose paper and Under the Sea stamp set

These cards are so stinkin' cute!!!!  Don't you think so too???

Let's all wish Stephanie continued luck in her business opportunities.

hugs, Holly

Project #2 from Consultant Camp

  Today I am going to share with you another wonderful project we did at consultant camp.  This project was designed by my dear friend and upline, Dana.  It uses Florentine paper, Florentine stickease, pearls, ribbon, Quick Pic Album, 6x6 flip flaps, and brownbag ink.  This project is soooo cute!!!!!!

*Warning this post will be very heavy in photos.  Sorry for the glare on the pages but it is the flash bouncing off the flip flap. 

If you are interested in this project, let me know and we can set a date to make it.

hugs, Holly

Monday, June 18, 2012

Footloose Bookmark Album

    Today I will be sharing one of the larger projects we did at consultant camp.  This book was designed by my fellow consultant Michele.  She totally rocked this mini album.  Materials that you will need are: Footloose level 2 paper pack, Footloose chipboard compliments, bookmark album, and ribbon.  The big surprise to all of us was the bookmark album only uses half of the level 2 paper pack.  If you are interested in this project and would like to set up a home workshop call me.

*Warning lots of photos are coming!

I would love to show you how to make this album.  Call me today to schedule this workshop for yourself and your friends.

hugs, Holly