Sunday, June 24, 2012

More projects from consultant camp

    I thought today I would share with you the beautiful artwork that was designed by my dear friend Victoria.  She designed the projects we did with Pemberley.  First we started with the Pemberley workshop on the go layout.  Then we moved into making a beautiful card box and 8 cards.  Finally we made a mini album with pockets and tags.  Victoria did an outstanding job with these fantastic artwork!!!!!

   If you are interested in any of the following artwork please call or email me and we can arrange a workshop for you and your friends.

*Warning lots of photos to follow!!!!!!!!

Let me know what you think of these workshops!

hugs, Holly


  1. i think i want to know where you live...and hope it is close!!!

    1. I live in Allen Park, Michigan. Where do you live? How can I help you?