Friday, June 15, 2012

Consultant Camp

   Last weekend I was away with some of my downline, Emily and Stephanie and a dear friend Cyndi.  We went to consultant camp in Okemos, Michigan.  This was a training camp put on by my upline, Dana and 4 other sister consultants, Sarah, Victoria, Michele, and Rebecca.  During camp we made 3 mini projects, 5 major workshop style projects, 15 stamping techniques,  business training classes, and games.  There was also lots of food, laughs, and friendships.

   When Emily, Stephanie and I left my van was packed to the gills with all of our much needs materials.  If we needed to put one more person in the van, I don't know where they would have sat.

    While at camp there were 60 consultants there working on all kinds of projects.  I primarily worked on the projects that were provided for me.  There were plenty and they were intense!  :)  I will post the projects in the upcoming days.  There are too many photos to put today.

Emily, Stephanie, and Cyndi working hard on a project.

Don't we look cute in our fun jammies??

All of the ladies that came to camp!

Rumor has it, that there may be a consultant camp next year too!!!  If you like to craft and would like to be a part of a team that is supportive, fun, and truly a family let me know.  I love for you to join my team!! :)

hugs, Holly 

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