Monday, September 5, 2011

Needing a job...I have one for you

    I love being a consultant with Close to My Heart.  This has been the best 3 years I have had!!!!  I get to play with paper, inks, stamps, and markers.  Who could ask for a better job than that?  When I first signed up, I was only going to do this for about 6 months and see if I liked it.  Well, I loved it and I have stopped yet.  My business has been able to do things for my family that wouldn't have been possible in the normal family budget.  I pay the annual dues for the pool club.  Also I have taken my husband and son on 2 vacations.  One to Washington DC and one to sunny California at Disneyland.  I feel so good about being able to give this extra experience to my family.
   Close to My Heart has many opportunities for learning.  If you are saying you are not creative or business savy.  They have a training academy with courses that help you through many areas of the business world.  Also my upline, Dana, does unit meetings 3-4 times a year.  We get together for the business part and a creative part during these meetings.  She hands out ribbons for your sales.  Annually she does big awards, just like corporate.  It truly rewards you for your hard work.  This year I earned 3 big annual awards:

My Team Sales...3rd. place
My CTMH website Sales...2nd place
My Personal Sales...2nd. place

If you are interested in earning some extra money for bills or some fun things contact me and I will help you get started.  I would love for you to join my team!!!!!!

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  1. CONGRATULATIONS ON YOUR AWARDS!!! You have really motivated me to get started again and keep going..i love the classes you have to teach us new techiques and ideas!! Thank you so very much!!! First places next awards!!! Lets all help her.. LETS GO TEAM!!!