Friday, August 10, 2012


   At our annual August unit meeting, my upline does annual awards just like Close to My Heart does at convention.  Dana knows how to do them right.  This year I earned 5 awards.  I was unable to be at our unit meeting but Dana mailed my awards to me.  Thank you, Dana!

Personal Sales - 2nd. place

Team Sales - 4th. Place

Operation Smile donations - 1st. Place
This is my most special and cherished award.  Thank you to all of you who had donated. 
 Let's try to repeat next year

Online Sales for website - 1st. Place 
Recruiting - 4th. Place
This one I would like to improve on for next year.  You can help me out by joining my team.

The full collection all together. 

Thank you to all of you who support my business in so many ways.  Your friendship means the world to me!

hugs, Holly