Sunday, October 23, 2011

Operation Smile Auction Winner!!!!

Last night at the Close to My Heart's Regional Celebration, they had put out some items the staff was going to auction off at the end of the event.  I had spotted the 6 handmade cards from the art department, and knew I wanted them.  When it was time for the bidding, I paid close attention to items and what they were going for.  Then my six art department cards came up.  I wanted them!  There was a small bidding war over the cards...but I finally won them :)  My final bid was $45.00 for these beauties!  So worth it and so great for the children that we will be helping.  Our Regional Celebration raised over $2300.  That is almost 10 surgeries.

I will post more of the projects we made in the next few days to week.  You can help out with Operation Smile, everytime we have a home gathering.  Simply roll up your order to the nearest dollar amount.  Will you be helping out soon.

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