Friday, May 25, 2012

Last Weekend was GREAT!!!!!

   Last Saturday was the last mini 8 hour crop for the season.  I will start them again in September.  These mini 8 hour crops are so much fun for the ladies because they get to get comfy in my home and get all of my attention.  The crops are fun for me because I get to work one on one with the ladies.  The mini crops are limited to 8 people.  During the day you receive 3 stamp fairy presents, 2 prizes, technique class, dinner, and a chance to win of the bigger prizes. 

  The stamp fairy delivered 3 cute gifts.  The first one was waiting for the guests to arrive.  I gave the second one around 4:00 and the last was given around 8:00.

Large clothes pin clip with a Hello sign that has a magnet on the back for later use.

Treat bag with plain and peanut M&M with some pretzel sticks.  Great mid-day snack.

Some of the ladies received the mini stamp set and a few received the mini medleys because they got their stamp set at the March mini crop.

          We started our day with a technique class.  I taught the ladies all about liquid glass and spotlight stamping.  Everyone loved  them!!!

Liquid Glass

Spotlight Stamping
    Thank you to Emily, Katie, Laurie, Ellen, Meghan, Patti, Sue, and Lia for a great day!!!!!   You should try these mini 8 hour crops.  The next one will be on September 22, 2012.  Call or email me to reserve your spot :)

Hugs, Holly

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  1. they are soooo much fun!! food, learning techniques, snacks, lady talk, stamp fairy presents - oh yeah the most fun part is doing our projects!