Thursday, July 12, 2012

News from Convention

  Many ladies are at convention as we speak.  The news has been coming in through Twitter, Facebook, text messages, and other means.  I can't believe I am not there to hear it all first hand.  Everything is sounding so amazing...

  There will be some great things to find in the new Fall/Winter Idea book...August 1st. is the first day you can order from it.  All I can say is get ready to have some fun!!!!!!!

   I will give you some hints of what you might find in the book.

1. New something for a die cutting machine...hint think of a small green bug that chirps.
2. New something to color with and stamp sizes, shapes, textures, and colors.
3. New 13 Workshop on the Go kits...8 scrapbooking, 2 cardmaking, 2 home decor, and one mystery.
4. New 53 accessories...hint maybe something cute to carry them in.
5. New "learning tool" that is designed by Jeanette herself.
6. New improvements to Studio J...lower price, no longer need to be a member to get the goodies.
7. New consultant kit

***Colors you will not find in the new book...
grey wool
grey flannel
vanilla cream
brown bag
baby pink
sunkiss yellow
key lime
heavenly blue
lilac mist
holiday red
sunny yellow
dutch blue
vineyard berry
garden green
spring iris
pansy purple
so if you still want or need these colors now is the time to get the ink, reinker, markers, and cardstock before it is all gone.

I will share more as I learn about the exciting new things coming to Close to My Heart.
Hugs, Holly

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